"I prefer the Santevia products over other products. Because what other products do is they filter out the bad stuff but what the Santevia’s one does is it filters out the bad stuff but it also adds in the good stuff. Where our water gets all the minerals taken out Santevia adds that back in. And that's really important for your overall health, for your bones, your tissues, your organs. They all need those minerals. So if you can get it through your water that's a really important way to support your system and to make sure you stay in an alkaline state."
Sharisse D.


“I use the Santevia Alkaline Pitcher at home.I would recommend this Santevia pitcher for anyone at home. It's really easy to use and it maximizes the benefits of drinking water already. So if you have that habit it just enriches the benefits for you and your wellness.I find the taste of the water from the alkaline pitcher to be very refreshing, delicious.There's not anything prominent in it. It just makes drinking water really easy.”
Saschie M.


"I really like the countertop system because it holds a large amount of water. I use it for making coffee, filling out my water bottle for the day. I find the water quality is just a lot better overall. And for anyone else looking to better their life or to make improvements… They're going to want to increase their water intake and Santevia allows you to do this with a better tasting chemical free water. So I would recommend it to anyone who is looking to improve their lifestyle."
Lucas P.


"The reason I love Santevia products so much is because I found that the water from Santevia filtration system…it makes my cooking taste better, my baking taste better. It makes drinking water more enjoyable! I would recommend Santevia products to anyone. Anyone who values the health of the body, anyone who cares about sustainability and an eco-friendly environment."
Jollia F. 



"I have the Pitcher at home and I have the water stick. I use them both. The pitcher is always on my counter and I like the room temperature water. And the stick is the other option on the go. And you can carry it in your purse. It's always there. It’s always available. And it's crazy, we think that water doesn't taste anything. But when you try the alkaline water, you realize, wow, this is so pure. And it shows in your skin and very fast."
Myriam L.


I thank you for helping me keep my family healthy with clean, mineral-rich water!
Carla A.

I have been dealing with acid reflux lately and the problem wasn’t so much that I was eating too spicy foods, rather my body was too acidic. Just 24 hours after drinking the Santevia water from my countertop system, I have not experienced even the slightest symptoms.
Jerry D.

I’ve had four different types of water filters over the last 15 years, and the Santevia Gravity Water System is the best by far. Everyone I’ve shared the Santevia water with has always commented on how clean and smooth it tastes. And being that it’s a gravity fed system, and doesn’t require electricity or faucet pressure to operate, it will work even if the power goes out. I really appreciate that you make such a functional and well put together product.
Peter S.

For about a year and a half I was having problems with bladder infections and was on antibiotics… Now that I am on the Santevia Water System, I have not had a bladder infection and have been antibiotic free. I am thrilled to be antibiotic free because of the adverse side effects of being on them. I am most grateful! The results were immediate.
Simone K.

I am delighted to express my complete satisfaction with the Santevia Water Filter System. I have had it for four months and am actually enjoying drinking water again! I am no longer dealing with clumsy bottles, storage problems, and am saving up to $88/month. I also find it very easy to maintain.
Deborah S.

The water coming out of my tap is loaded with chlorine, sediment and heavy metals and so I didn’t drink it and bought bottled water instead…Even though I recycled, I still felt there must be a better way to have healthy drinking water in my home….The Santevia water filter changed my tap water from being an unhealthy, acidic 6.5 to a healthy, alkaline 8.0 and it tastes clean with no bad odour or taste. I now find myself recommending Santevia to my friends and family and want to thank you for making this product.
Yves G.

After trying numerous water filtration systems, we purchased the Santevia system. We are very happy with the system and find that the water is the best tasting of any system that we have tried. It is easy to use and easy to maintain. We recommend it to friends and family.
Dr. Steve and Dianne K.

Having tried various bottled water systems and a household filtration unit and trying to find something to get away from acidic water here in BC, I was delighted to hear of Santevia. I absolutely love it and know that I am getting ‘alive’ healthy water for myself and my family. It is easy to maintain and is pleasing to the eye. Thank you for bringing this system into Canada.
Willene H.