Dispenser with Fluoride Filter

Dispenser with Fluoride Filter

size: 11.00 W × 11.00 H × 11.00 L
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This product filters up to 89.1% of lead from water.

The Dispenser with Fluoride Filter gives you and your family the highest level of filtration through its multi-stage series of filters, resulting in clean, mineralized alkaline water.

Ideal for large families looking for a natural alkaline water system with the highest contamination removal.  

1. Makes water alkaline which helps your body maintain optimal pH.

2. Adds healthy minerals calcium, magnesium, potassium and other trace minerals.

3. Ceramic Pre-Filter removes large sized particles such as microplastics, rust, bacteria and sediment.

4. Reduces fluoride up to 98%.

5. Reduces chlorine up to 99%.

6. Reduces agricultural contaminants and heavy metals.

7. Energy balls and maifain stones stabilize and maintain optimal pH.

8. Magnetic dispenser spout realigns water molecules for optimal absorption and quicker hydration.


Model Options: Stand-alone Countertop Model or Dispenser Mounted (does not come with dispenser) 


No fluoride in your tap water? If you do not require fluoride filtration, the Dispenser System is also compatible with the 5-Stage Filter. Go here to learn more.



Lower Tank: 2.6 gallons

Upper Tank: 1.3 gallons 


Filter Life:

Ceramic pre-filter: 1 year

Fluoride Filter: Up to 4 months

Mineral Stones: Up to 2 years


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