cung-le.jpgCung Le

Cung Le a former world Sanshou world Champion and a former Strike Force Middleweight world champion now fighting for UFC. Le began wrestling competitively at age 14 after being inspired by Sylvester Stallone´s Rocky and Bruce Lee Enter The Dragon. Movies have played a big part in Cung’s career as he has also been in several movies; Tekken, Pandorum with Dennis Quaid and Ben Foster, and Fighting, released in 2009 alongside Channing Tatum.

“Staying alkaline helps me perform at my absolute best, in the ring and out.”

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lucas.pngLucas Patriquin

Lucas has been involved in the health and wellness industry for over six years. His passion and dedication towards bettering oneself is something he tries to instill in each of his clients. He believes working out is more than just lifting weights, it involves having a wellrounded lifestyle. When working with clients, Lucas focuses on better quality movements while improving strength and performance. He gives his clients 100% and expects the same in return!

“I find the water quality is just a lot better overall. And for anyone else looking to better their life or to make improvements… They're going to want to increase their water intake and Santevia allows you to do this with a better tasting chemical free water. So I would recommend it to anyone who is looking to improve their lifestyle.”

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Nancy Coles, Ptr, AT, TFL

Nancy has been in the health, fitness & rehabilitation field for over 30 years. As an Athletic Therapist, she’s worked at universities and managed a large employee wellness facility. A trainer of Personal Trainers and a consultant for SportmedBC, she’s developed courses in fitness and rehabilitation and presented internationally at wellness conferences.

“Being alkaline is an important ergogenic aid. Alkaline is POWER.”




Holly Feniak

Holly is a Downhill Mountain Bike Racer – 2012 World Junior Champion, she’s also still in high school.  This amazing lady is making incredible strides to becoming a top contender in her field. She is one to watch.

“The downhill course can take it’s toll on me physically, I fight back with alkalinity.”