Which Filter is Right for Me?

We were incredibly excited to announce the release of the Santevia Fluoride Filter for the Countertop System this past September. Many of you have requested a fluoride filter, so our product development team has worked hard to formulate and crate a truly unique product.

Why Should I Filter Fluoride?

While small amounts of fluoride may help prevent tooth decay, it can be harmful to the body with over-consumption. Over fluoridation can lead to bone fractures, thyroid disorders, and in a recent study from the University of Toronto, it is now linked to the impaired cognitive development in children. With many governments adding fluoride to our water supplies, we are left with the inability to control the dosage of fluoride the we, and our families, receive. 

Why Santevia Fluoride Filter?

Activated alumina is the substance used to remove fluoride from water; unfortunately, many fluoride filters can leave high-levels of aluminum byproduct in your final drinking water.The advanced technology of the Santevia Fluoride Filter gets rid of fluoride, filters out numerous contaminants, mineralizes and balances water pH, all without leaving behind harmful, residual aluminum in your drinking water.

Why Are There Two Filter Options?

The Fluoride Filter is a wonderful addition to our product family and we are excited to offer it alongside our original 5-Stage Filter; however, the decision to offer two different filtration options for the Countertop System has raised questions among Santevia users. What is the difference between these two filters and how do I know which filter is right for me? In this post we will provide you with all necessary information so that you can make the best decision for the optimized health of you, and your family.

(1) What is the Difference Between the New Fluoride Filter and the Original 5-Stage Filter?

The new Fluoride filter contains all the same filtering properties of the original 5-Stage filter, PLUS an additional layer of activated alumina that is used to filter fluoride. Regardless of which filter you choose you can be assured that it will reduce chlorine, herbicides, pharmaceuticals, industrial chemicals, trihalomethanes, heavy metals, organic chemicals, while also raising the pH of the water and adding essential minerals. It’ll be a clean difference you can taste!

(2) Which Filter is Right For Me and My Family?

We have continued to offer both filters due to the fact that some individuals may choose not to filter fluoride from their water, or they may live in a municipality that does not add fluoride to the local water system.

(A) Do I Live in a Fluoridated Water Community?

As of now, about 45% of Canadians, and a staggering 74% of Americans receive fluoridated water. As a result, fluoride filtration is a large concern among many families. In the following two diagrams we have broken down major Canadian provinces and US states based on fluoridation levels in the municipal drinking water.

                                     Concentration of Fluoride in Canadian Drinking Water 

Concentration of Fluoride in Canadian Drinking Water

Concentration of Fluoride in United States Drinking Water 

Balance Your Water, Balance Your Life

Whether fluoride filtration is a concern for your household, or you are looking for the continued advanced 5-Stage filtration the Santevia has provided, the addition of a Countertop System to your household is a fantastic way to help you, and your family, maintain a balanced, healthy life. For additional resources, and information, on the Santevia Fluoride Filter, be sure to check out our company blog!

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