Want to Keep Your Hair? The Magic is in the Minerals!

Hair loss can be terrifying. 

Most people with hair loss try to cover up the problem as quickly as possible. But if you try to understand why the hair loss is occurring in the first place, you could learn a few things about your health... 

First, let’s talk about nutrition.

Everything we feed our bodies determines our strengths and weaknesses. If you eat a well-balanced diet, full of nutrients and minerals, this helps you to thrive, promoting optimal organ function and longevity.

Your scalp benefits from food and water that’s full of healthy minerals. Drinking fully distilled or reverse-osmosis waters may seem like a good idea, but may contribute to a lack of basic nutrients and minerals you need for a strong body and good blood circulation. Nutritional deficiencies are one of the most common reasons for hair loss in Chinese medicine.

Now let’s look at fear and stress.

For women, hair loss is often very distressing and can affect self-esteem and confidence. That lowered spirit can trigger a weakened kidney response and lead to more hair loss.

In contrast, society has normalized men’s hair loss as the result of normal aging and male-pattern baldness. But men are facing hair loss at an earlier age and are still being told its just part of life—so you’re supposed to ignore any distress you feel about hair loss or aging in general. Not cool!

How do nutrition and fear connect?

They connect in the kidneys. Fear is the emotion associated with the kidneys in Chinese medicine. The kidneys are the Water element of the body and require a constant influx of minerals from the water we drink. If we aren’t ingesting key minerals, such as magnesium, zinc, iron and silica, then there’s nothing for your kidney to transform into nourishment for your scalp. If your fear depletes your kidneys this results in the same problem.

On top of that, fear can cause surges in adrenaline, which accelerates the heart rate and affects blood pressure and water metabolism. These physical reactions in turn feed the fear. That’s why we shouldn’t freak out when hair loss occurs! Water without proper nutrients leads to kidney imbalance and makes you more prone to feeling fear. 

In short, both lack of nutrients and fear (of hair loss or anything else) drain your kidneys. This can form a vicious cycle for hair loss.

Sounds like it’s probably a good idea to start checking what nutrients are missing in your current water choices, right?

If you use a water filtration system , make sure it adds the right minerals like magnesium, silica, zinc and iron to promote hair growth while taking out contaminants.

Drink 8 to 12 glasses of mineralized and naturally alkaline water per day – and your scalp will thank you!

Visit Santevia’s Hair Loss Crisis Centre for more health tips and information on hair loss.

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