Unexpected Health Hazards for Kids: Lead in Water

In most of North America, people have the luxury of turning on their tap and having the ability to drink clean-tasting, safe water. There is no immediate need to boil your water or buy jugs from the grocery store. So then what’s the harm in sending your child to school without a filter or reusable water bottle? They can just drink straight from the fountain, right? Unfortunately, the water coming from school water fountains might not be as safe as previously thought.

In fact, a study conducted in the United States by the Government Accountability Office found that more than one third of school districts found elevated lead levels in their drinking water, and even more had not undergone lead testing.

Unfortunately, the reality is that there are currently no standardized policies for testing lead in Canada or the United States, meaning that school children can be exposed to lead contaminated water.

No amount of lead is safe to consume, particularly among children. The irreversible effects of lead include nerve damage and impairments in brain development. Even adults should be wary of how much lead they consume since the water supply in homes can contain lead from aged pipes.

Besides lobbying governments to improve lead testing policies, there are other options for parents who are looking to reduce the lead consumption of their families. Santevia is excited to offer a new alkaline pitcher that reduces lead levels in your drinking water and therefore will have beneficial impacts on the health of your family.

For families and couples, the MINA Slim pitcher is a perfect addition to your counter or fridge. The pitcher reduces contaminants like lead and chlorine by up to 99%, while adding beneficial minerals like calcium and magnesium that raise the pH of your water. The best part about this new pitcher is that it’s made in Canada.

Using your new MINA Slim Pitcher, fill a reusable bottle of water for your children to bring to school daily. This will help effectively reduce their lead exposure and help them stay healthy, happy and hydrated throughout their day. While lead contamination is a concern in tap water supply, we hope we can help alleviate exposure for you and your family with great tasting, healthy alkaline water from our new MINA Slim Pitcher. 

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