Think Twice About Drinking Water Standards – Protect Your Family With An Alkaline Water Filter

Do you trust your government to look after your most basic needs of life? Water is one of those basic needs, but recent incidents have brought the government and their health agencies into the spotlight. So should you be trusting your government to provide clean and safe drinking water? Or should you be taking matters into your own hands and protecting your family with a home filtration system?

#1 Incident: Lead and toxic water found in Flint, Michigan

In 2014, a new water pipeline was being build in Flint, Michigan. In the meantime, the city turned to Lake Huron for its public drinking water. Soon after, residents noted that the water looked browner and had an odd taste and smell. One year later, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) tested the water and found dangerous levels of lead and other toxins.

Consuming lead can cause a variety of health issues, including heart and kidney problems. The dangers are even more alarming in children where the affects include impaired cognition, hearing and behaviour. A lawsuit found that the state was not treating the water properly, allowing the erosion of the iron in the water mains to enter tap water. This is just one of many similar incidents (1).

#2 Incident: Plastic in bottled water

A recent report by Orb Media has taken over news channels thanks to this organization’s discovery. Orb Media found that some of the most popular bottled water brands like Aquafina, Nestle, Evian and Dasani contain small plastic particles. This means that millions of people around the world have been drinking plastic for a number of years.

Orb Media found that: bottled water has twice the amount of microplastic in it than tap water; some plastic bottles have as many as 10,000 microplastic parts in a single litre; the plastic particles are the same kind of plastic used to make the bottle caps; and these microplastics are the width of a human hair (2).

Have the government and food safety agencies been overlooking this health concern?

#3 Incident: Missing chemicals from black list

In 2011, a harmful chemical was found in water systems in America, but it wasn’t on the EPA black list. High levels of perchlorates, an industrial chemical, were found in public water. This chemical, however, was not on the EPA’s list of drinking contaminants. For perchlorates to have made the list earlier, a separate government body would have had to be actively testing water, which did not happen.

So is the EPA really on our side? Who knows how many chemicals in our water are being allowed into our cups. This incident shows that agencies like the EPA wait for public outcry before lifting a finger (3).

What Can Be Done? 

Firstly, educate yourself on what is in your local drinking water. You can take control of the water situation in your house by investing in an alkaline water filtration system. Santevia’s Gravity Water System and pitcher filters are able to remove up to 99% of heavy metals and chlorine from your tap water. Santevia filters also add in minerals like calcium and magnesium, and reduce herbicides, pharmaceuticals, industrial chemicals, trihalomethanes and organic chemicals, while also raising the pH of your water.

The Santevia Gravity Water System also offers a fluoride filter with activated alumina that reduces up to 99% of the fluoride in your water. This filter will also eliminate rust, sediments, bacteria, parasites, microplastics, chlorine, herbicides, mold, pharmaceuticals, industrial chemicals, tri-halomethanes, heavy metals, organic chemicals, particulates, odours and tastes. Plus it oxygenates the water and adds calcium, potassium, zinc, magnesium and raises pH levels.

When you need to fill up your water bottle outside of your house, you can use the handy Santevia Power Stick. Simply submerge the Power Stick in your water bottle and it will reduce chlorine levels by up to 99%, add essential minerals, raise pH levels and reduce damaging oxidation.

Final Thoughts

Water is a basic need of life and with an alkaline water filter you will be able to provide healthier water for your whole family to enjoy.

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