Survive and Thrive with Mineralized Alkaline Water

What’s the first thing you do when your alarm buzzes?

Let's take a guess. Turn it off? That’s regular. Most times when you turn it off, you go back to sleep. Well, that’s wrong. Research has shown that getting back to bed when your sleep is interrupted means starting up a completely new sleep cycle again.

A second alarm buzz wakes you up again leaving you super tired. The extra sleep is actually more trouble for you.

So, what’s the best thing to do? Get out of bed immediately when you hear the first buzz.

Most times, you ignore your morning meditation, that’s essentially bad. It isn’t right to jerk your brain awake right away. A moment of yoga will do you much good for the whole day.

A 2014 research paper has proven that meditation rewires your brain just like exercising builds and strengthens your muscles.

So, before you jump out of bed next time, take a moment to meditate a little bit.

This might be a sensitive topic...But there’s an important part of the morning you probably miss. Here it goes...starting the day with a cup of water and not a cup of coffee. Although the much beloved cup of coffee may make you feel refreshed, water may actually do a better job.

Here’s why you should drink water in place of coffee:

  • A human being is made up of 70% of water, which means you need an ounce of water for each pound you weigh.

Water increases your morning energy – it adds the extra spring to your step.

It kick-starts your metabolism – when you don’t drink enough water in the morning, throughout the entire day you’ll keep mistaking thirst for hunger. This means you’ll eat more and more food means more weight. No one wants to be fat.

It boosts your immunity helping to ward off diseases and germs.

So, I guess you have no reason to have a bad routine for the day, especially staying hydrated.

Once you’re properly hydrated, you stay healthy.

Drinking water is good, but when it’s mineralized alkaline water – it’s even better.

Children have a faster metabolic rate – this means they need even more water.

Think of all the germs your kids are in contact with when they get to school, the toilet, the classroom, playground, e.t.c. Germs can make kids with an oppressed immune system sick rapidly. The best way to fight germs isn't constant hand washing, sanitation, and keeping them out of the dirt, but rather ensuring that your child's immune system is healthy and poised to fight these germs. Much research is saying that kids need more germs, but they also need a healthy diet and lots of mineralized alkaline water to ensure they can fight these germs, growing up big and strong.

How can you do this?

Simple. With mineralized alkaline water, you can keep the immune system strong. Germs don’t like an alkaline environment and mineralized water is naturally alkaline. So, you keep the germs away and keep your kids healthy.

A perfect morning routine should look like this:

Wake up after a restful 8 hours

Drink a glass of mineralized alkaline water

Make your bed

Meditation and exercise

Eat a breakfast rich in protein and vegetables

Get ready for the day’s activities! Proper hydration means getting water that’s enough to keep your body cells healthy. Getting healthy water will keep you free from disease and boost your metabolism. You know the varying benefits of alkaline water. The Santevia Immune Support Power Pouch is a super convenient way to help your kids stay on to of their own hydration and alkalinity.

What are the benefits of getting a Santevia Power Pouch?

Immune Support Germs cause disease, if you keep the body alkaline they don't thrive. The Santevia Power pouch will keep your body alkaline and keep you free from disease.

  • Convenience

The Power Pouch comes in handy when packing lunch for your kids, just drop the bag into a water bottle and healthy water is available throughout the day.

  • Great source of the minerals your children need

It contains antioxidants – hydrogen, zinc and other minerals. The total amount of minerals include calcium keeps your child healthy with strong bones and strong teeth, free from disease.

  • It’s all natural.

The Power Pouch is 100% drug-free.

  • No chlorine! No worries! 

The Power Pouch reduces up to 99% of chlorine from water. Long-term exposure to chlorine is very harmful with many of the effects not fully understood. Reduce your risk and keep your child safe by using a Santevia Power Pouch.

What does your child take to school?

Here’s a list of the essential things your child should pack for school everyday:



3.Pencil case


5.Water bottle

6.Santevia Power Pouch.

When you pack lunch for your child, don’t forget to add a Santevia Power Pouch!

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