Santevia Gives Back - Trip to Thailand!

Santevia founders Yvonne & David Anderson recently visited two of the Santevia Gives Back locations in Thailand to meet with the amazing Hill Tribe kids that Santevia sponsors.Santevia Gives Back assists the Plukit Foundation in providing safe shelter, food, education and a family structure to many kids who have been abandoned or orphaned in the Hill Tribe villages. These tribal communities are very poor and provide limited opportunities for education. In addition, exploitation is rampant in these villages, with the sex and drug trades tearing children and teens away from all that they know, destroying families in the process.

Yvonne and David always look forward to this trip. Here is Yvonne sharing their experience, in her own words:

"We stopped first in Bangkok to meet the Thai team at Plukit Transition House. Young adults from the orphanages who come to Bangkok have two options: take advanced education (undergraduate university) or acquire job skills. It helps that the Foundation owns and runs a coffee shop that is managed and staffed by youth who have been in one of the two orphanages also sponsored by the Plukit Foundation.

The following day we flew to Chiang Mai in Northern Thailand for our next stop: MAKRO (the Thai version of Costco). The house parents and two senior students met us at MAKRO where Santevia Gives Back filled up the foundation truck with groceries to stock up the orphanage in Chiang Dao, which is two hours further north!

Late that afternoon we arrived at the House of Hope orphanage and had a chance to play soccer with 20 fun kids – who can all play “football” much better than us. We got a tour of the grounds to see what has changed since we last were there and were thrilled to see the new girl’s dorm and the PIGS!

Visiting these projects is inspiring. It makes my heart sing to see these kids grow and bloom! (Plukit means bloom in Thai)"

Santevia Gives Back – The HEART of Santevia!

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