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So you’ve taken care of one of the most significant problems with your tap water: chlorine. You drink enough to stay hydrated and healthy, but what about the contaminant that fewer people are talking about; fluoride? About 74% of Americans and 45% of Canadians receive fluoridated water.

Canada Fluoride Concentration Map

USA Fluoride Concentration Map

While water fluoridation may have started as a good idea, nowadays it may be doing much more harm than good. Fluoride was first added to water to help citizens keep their teeth healthy and prevent cavities. However, fluoride can now be found in toothpaste, mouthwash, some processed foods, and even tea drinks. So North Americans are hustling to get the fluoride out of their drinking water.

Canada recommends that there be no more than 1ppm of fluoride in drinking water, however even at this level the fluoride can be toxic to children. There have been links to impaired cognitive development in children exposed to excess fluoride, potentially leading to lower IQs or even autism. The effects of fluoride can be devastating for adults too; higher rates of bone fractures, thyroid disorders, and more have been associated with high exposure to fluoride.

Canada is working on improving its regulations regarding fluoride, however several US states are treating their water with more than the recommended amount. New Mexico, Illinois, South Dakota, Ohio, and Virginia are all culprits of high levels of fluoridation in tap water.

Action plan:

Santevia’s new Fluoride Filter will remove up to 100% of the fluoride from your tap water, as well as add minerals that will naturally alkalize the water. No need to buy an entirely new system either – the new Fluoride Filter will screw into the cartridge connector in your Gravity Water System.

You will still be receiving the mineralized, alkaline water that you've grown to love - now with no fluoride. Say goodbye to bacteria, chlorine, sediments, and fluoride with the new Fluoride Filter.

See how it works!

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