Humble Beginnings

This month we’re celebrating the sale of our seventy-fifth thousand Countertop System since we started Santevia just over ten years ago.

We’re also honouring Wellspring Health in Tsawwassen, B.C. who was the first retailer to carry Santevia products and who sold the first forty Countertop Systems.

When Santevia founders, David and Yvonne Anderson made the decision to bring affordable alkaline water to the North American marketplace, they were tasked with making an appealing package to attract customers to the product.

It was at this point that David and Yvonne realized they had no idea how to sell this product, let alone design a nice package. How can we garner interest in the health benefits of alkaline water?

“Let’s visit eight wellness stores and leave five units at each store, on consignment,” suggested David. “We’ll see if anyone wants them.”

Yvonne agreed, and the next day the couple visited Wellspring Health with a Countertop in hand. Yvonne introduced herself to the owner. “Would you be interested in a water filter that produces alkaline water?” she inquired.

“Oh my God,” responded the owner, “you are not going to believe this. Two hours ago we were sitting in a staff meeting wondering how we could bring alkaline water to our clients! Leave ten!”

The next day Dolly, the owner, called David, “bring ten more!”

Within three weeks Wellspring Health had sold forty units. A friend with a small advertising agency designed a product box suitable to the US and Canadian marketplace and we placed our first order of three thousand units with our manufacturer in Malaysia.

Well done, Wellspring Health. We appreciate your ongoing support of Santevia, and the contribution you made to getting us launched.

...stay tuned! The next blog will tell the story of how we convinced a national distributor to carry our Countertops without having one to show him.

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