Healthy at Any Age

Why Minerals, Alkalinity and Hydration matter for your entire family

The reality is that every age has its own challenges and opportunities. This is particularly true of health and at every age it’s important to keep minerals, alkalinity and hydration in mind. Let’s check out why.

Kids and adolescents

At this age, the body is developing rapidly. Adolescence, in particular, is a period of burgeoning stress, which pushes the body towards acidity. Kids tend to be active and sweat a lot, so hydration is particularly important to them. Remaining mineralized ensures that the little ones develop strong bones and immune systems.

Young Adults

The time between ages 18 to 30 is a period of personal development. But development means challenges, and challenges mean stress! Many young adults work long, irregular hours with little time to worry about nutrition or to exercise. Acidity, demineralization and dehydration can make this age group vulnerable to illnesses which can set them back.


Adults usually have a little more flexibility than young adults, but stress – particularly from family or work – can still make their bodies more acidic and threaten their health. At this time, adults may become chronically dehydrated from drinking too much coffee or alcohol. ‘Boardroom Foods’ like bread rolls and pastries are usually low in minerals and are acidic.


The elderly do not have as much work stress as adults, due to being retired, but they do face their own challenges. Taking medications, in particular, makes their bodies more acidic and vulnerable to illness.It also makes them prone to dehydration, which can contribute to arthritis and heart problems. Because the elderly often eat less, it becomes particularly crucial to ensure that what they eat is rich in nutrients – particularly in minerals that promote bone strength (calcium) and immune function (magnesium).

Keep illness and weak immune systems at bay by picking up your very own Gravity Water System. You'll be reducing your intake of harmful contaminants, increasing your mineral intake and helping your body neutralize acidity.

What you can do

Keep in mind the importance of health, encapsulated in the Irish proverb ‘Health is Wealth.’ When you are healthier – more hydrated, more mineralized, more alkaline – you are in a better position for whatever challenges you face, whether it’s a test, a big presentation, or a long workout.

Most of us don’t have enough time to plan out and execute sweeping lifestyle changes. Thankfully, we don’t have to. The effect of several small changes in habit – one to two made and kept a week – can have sweeping changes over time, in the same way that making small turns of the steering wheel has a huge effect on where your car is 100 miles later.

Here’s a few changes you might consider:

  • spending more money on fresh food, less on coffee
  • sleeping and walking for a half-hour more each day
  • drinking two big glasses of water after waking, instead of coffee
  • substituting delicious in-season fruits and fruit juices for candy and soda

Mineralized Alkaline Water is one way to ‘kill three birds with one stone’ by hydrating you, mineralizing you and making your body less acidic. At Santevia Water Systems, we sell products to cater to your every alkaline water need.

For example, consider the Gravity Water System Countertop Model. It’s the perfect product for a family with diverse water needs. Every morning, your whole family can fill up from the 10L tank with refreshing mineralized alkaline water. Once you run out, simply fill up with tap water from anywhere and your Santevia Power Stick will give you the same healthy, delicious water until you get home.

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