Health Tips for Summer Entertaining

As the weather warms up and the snow finally melts, it feels like summer has arrived.

With summer’s arrival, it’s the perfect time to start inviting people over for lunch, dinner, drinks - and everything else under the sun.

But, enjoying the beautiful weather doesn’t mean throwing our health out the window.

Santevia has compiled a list of ways that you can entertain while keeping you and your guests healthy - and alkaline:

1. Get outside

Inviting guests over to spend time outside can have significant health benefits for everyone. Basking in the summer sun can have tremendous impacts on Vitamin D levels and make your skin glow. Although, be careful not to spend too much time in the sun without applying sunscreen.

Don’t fret if the sun isn’t shining, merely spending time outside can have health benefits as well. Studies show that enjoying fresh air can have significant benefits on mental health and blood pressure.

2. Sub chips for fresh veggies

Even though it can be tempting to set out of a plate of charcuterie or an easy bag of chips for your guests, it is important to take the time to invest in health.

By cutting fresh vegetables, you can help you and your guests keep harmful acidic foods at a distance and, instead, enjoy healthy alkaline produce. Vegetables are full of vitamins and minerals that can improve overall health and that can act as a buffer for the acidity of the Standard American Diet (SAD)

3. Keep alcohol at bay

Although it might seem like the perfect season for cold beers and fruity sangria, it is important to keep in mind that alcoholic beverages are acidic and can have taxing impacts on your body’s health.

Mineralized, alkaline water is a refreshing alternative to alcoholic counterparts. For an added twist, add fresh fruit and herbs like strawberries and basil to flavour the water.

This year, entertaining can be as healthy as it is fun. By making a couple small changes you can make a lasting impact on your guests’ health - and your own. Making healthy changes doesn’t need to be a lot of work either.

Products like the MINA Slim Pitcher are easy to refill, filter quickly, and can provide clean, alkaline water at any event. 

Visit our website to browse our full line of products and see how Santevia can help you prepare for summer entertaining.

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