California Proposition 65

This statement was produced in response to California's Proposition 65 to inform customers that Santevia products  will never contain harmful chemicals in concentrations known to be hazardous. Santevia creates products that make great tasting and mineralized water and only use natural substances to purify water, just as nature intended. We are so satisfied with the health, quality and safety of our products that every single Santevia employee and their families use Santevia water filtration products every single day.

We are aware of the potential for arsenic to be found in activated carbon. Santevia does and will continue to perform testing to monitor for levels of arsenic to ensure safety compliance to OEHHA / Prop 65 requirements and also to NSF / ANSI requirements.

What is Proposition 65?

In November 1986, California voters approved a ballot initiative to address concerns about exposures to toxic chemicals. That initiative became the Safe Drinking Water and Toxic Enforcement Act of 1986, better known by its original name, Proposition 65 or simply, Prop 65.

New regulations affecting Proposition 65 were adopted in August 2016 and took full effect in August 2018.

What does a Proposition 65 warning mean?

A warning means that the business issuing it is complying with Proposition 65’s requirement to identify the presence of one or more listed chemicals, even in trace amounts.

According to the legislation "A Proposition 65 warning does not necessarily mean that a product is in violation of any product-safety standards or requirements.”

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