Delta, BC – November 13, 2018 … Santevia Water Systems, a leader in alkaline water products, is working to better the lives of bald and balding Canadians from coast-to-coast with an educational campaign, expert advice and an online Hair Loss Crisis Centre. The national campaign comes in the wake of a proprietary Santevia survey on the stigma of baldness in Canada, and practical solutions.

Key Findings of the Survey:

The Bad News:

  • Nationally, 72.1% of Canadians do not find bald men more attractive than those who are follicly flush.
  • The Prairies (AB, SK and MB) are the worst places in Canada to be bald! 76% do not find bald men attractive.
  • While Atlantic Canada is seemingly the best place to be bald in the country (34.3% find bald men more attractive.) Unfortunately, 53.2% of Atlantic women say they do not find bald men attractive.

The Surprisingly Good News:

Keeping the Coif…

According to medical professionals, hair loss can be mitigated or possibly even reversed by consuming the proper minerals to nourish the scalp. This can be accomplished with something as simple as switching to a water filtration system that adds these essential minerals to your daily water supply.

“It’s not on most Canadians’ radars, but a deficiency of zinc, iron, biotin and silica can create classic hair loss in both men and women,” said Julie Amar, Registered Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner (R. TCMP), Registered Acupuncturist (R. Ac), Qi Innovator and founder of Qi Knows Best. According to Amar, she’s seen an increase in baldness at her practice over the past decade. In fact, many patients are diagnosed with thinning or dry brittle hair while being treated for other issues like headaches or pain.

“Everything we eat and drink, correlates with the body’s ability to transform nutrients into essential energy (Qi) for scalp nourishment,” says Amar. “Nutritional deficiencies from not absorbing the proper minerals can cause weak Qi and we lose the ability to encourage healthy hair growth and follicular renewal. By simply eating or drinking these minerals, hair loss can be halted or in some cases even reversed.

Santevia insight:

“Canadians are focused on what they want to filter out of drinking and showering water more than what needs to be left in,” said Yvonne Anderson, CEO and Co-Founder of Santevia Water Systems. “With the best of intentions, Canadians are trying to filter out harmful contaminants, but they lose sight of the essential minerals they need to ingest daily to promote healthy hair, nails, and skin.”

Additional Canadian Baldness Bombshells

Ageism in the Atlantic?

  • Asked what area of their life baldness would impact the most, 51.6% of Atlantic Canadians believe that they would suffer ageism (the highest percentage in the country.)

Confidence Crisis?

  • Nationally, significantly more Canadian women say baldness would impact their overall confidence 59.1% vs. 40.9% of men.

Workplace Worries?

  • The Younger you are, the more worried you may be about baldness in the workplace. The two youngest survey groups 18-24 (22.9%) and 25-34 (27.4%) were considerably more concerned with baldness leading to a lack of authority at work than any other group.
  • Canadian women (60%) believe that baldness would create a lack of authority in their careers far more than Canadian men (40%).

A Warning for Canadian Women

Amar reports that a stunning 80% of her female patients seem to be experiencing some form of hair loss, hair thinning or bald patches as part of combined medical issues, but likely due to not consuming the proper minerals.
"Without the proper ingestion of minerals and nutrients from food and water, there is no healthy blood flow and stimulation of the scalp, hair thinning and hair loss can begin to show,” added Amar.

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