7 Ways to Stay Safe Over the Holidays

The holiday season is one of the best times of the year to re-charge your batteries with friends and family and to prepare for a busy, challenging year.

Yet often the holiday season is filled with distracting hassles, such as: back injuries while shovelling the driveway, accidents or near-accidents during rushed trips to the mall, food poisoning, getting hit with the flu, hangovers, and hours spent in a state of anxiety.

If you plan well, and follow good advice, there is no reason that you can't have a wonderful, relaxing holiday season with friends and family while being spared from these hassles. We hope that these 7 tips for a safe, happy, holiday season will be of help to you.


1. Work Safe

While the holidays used to a be a break from manual labor in the old days, it almost seems to be the opposite now; we work sedentary jobs through the year, yet find ourselves doing a range of manual labor - be it assembling a Christmas tree, getting on a ladder to hang Christmas lights, or shovelling the driveway -- in one of the toughest parts of the year

To ensure that you remain safe while doing physical labor during the holiday season, we recommend not shocking your body with tasks it is not prepared to handle - ask for help if required. Don't use ladders alone, focus on using your legs to lift with. Most of all, remember to stay hydrated! Dehydration with sap your energy and your concentration, making injuries, like falls from ladders or pulled muscles, more likely.

2. Drive Safe

Driving safe during the winter is more difficult than any other time of the year; the nights are darker making it harder to see hazards such as other revellers or black ice on the road. And the entire atmosphere of the holiday season is hectic, yet carefree, tempting you more than ever to rush your drives or to drink before driving.

We suggest you do your driving early in the day when hazards are more visible. Also, drive with people who encourage you to be a responsible and safe driver.

3. Cook Safe

Cooking is hands-down one of the most enjoyable parts of the holiday season. Yet far too many people suffer from burns, food poisoning, or other injuries related to food preparation.

Remember to exercise caution when you prepare food, especially regarding storing foods at appropriate temperatures to prevent food poisoning. One of the best ways to ensure you are exercising appropriate caution is to prepare your holiday meals over several days, which will prevent you from rushing and making mistakes.

4. Stay Healthy

The free time during the Holidays is best enjoyed in a state of good health. Yet this demands a lot of care during the holiday season; the winter temperatures are lower, forcing your body to expend energy to heat you that may have instead gone to your immune system. Holiday foods, especially snacking ones, are often less nutritious than others, further predisposing you to health issues.

To prevent yourself from getting sick during the holiday season, we recommend you continue getting your daily recommended amounts of fresh foods. Getting regular exercise will also boost your immune system, as well as allowing you to sleep easier.

Another way you can ensure yourself a good holiday season is through reducing stress (see Step 7 below).

5. Shop Smart

No one wants to be rushing around Macy's or The Bay on Christmas Eve; you will likely be shopping for a lower selection of goods and fighting with other consumers over them at that.

To avoid this, do your homework and your holiday shopping as early as possible.

6. Party Safe

The Holidays are a great time to party, as long as you avoid hangovers and the temptation to drink and drive.

Hangovers can be avoided by hydrating throughout the day, eating a lot before you drink, and limiting your alcohol intake. Expecting to get a hangover or already have one? Drink lots of water, and ensure you replenish on electrolytes by having some salt - it will also help you retain water.

To avoid the temptation to drink and drive, it's best to pick a designated driver before you go out, or to hire a cab. Do not risk overestimating your abilities behind the wheel after consuming alcohol - even just a couple of drinks can substantially impair your reaction time and awareness.

7. Reduce stress

The Holidays should be, on the whole, a relaxing time spent with the most important people in your life. Try not to focus so much on getting the perfect gift, or entertaining as many people as possible. These will likely only cause stress and anxiety.

A Final Word

We hope you enjoyed these tips on how to enjoy a safe Holiday Season. We wish you the best for the season. We invite you to check out our alkaline living products on our website, which make great gifts for for all aspiring to a more healthy lifestyle.

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