3 Easy Tips to Stay Healthy This Summer

With the arrival of hotter temperatures and longer days, the most highly anticipated season is here - summer.

As we fill our calendars up with events and activities, it’s easy to side track our health in amongst the summer fun.

Even if your summer looks overwhelmed with commitments (ahem, weddings, vacations, kids’ summer camp….), prioritizing your health shouldn’t be lost in the mix.

We’ve put together a few easy tips to help you simultaneously have the best summer while keeping your health on track:

Keep moving: who’s guilty of indulging and lounging a little too much on those long weekend getaways? Easily balance out the leisure with a daily walk.

Although it sounds simple, walking has several health benefits. Studies have shown walking can:

-Improve your energy levels

-Reduce your risk of heart disease

-Increase your bone strength

-Decrease stress levels

Don’t let the summer lethargy get you down - take a brisk walk outside to feel rejuvenated and refreshed. Heck, incorporate a run if you’re feeling more ambitious.

Stay hydrated: water is essential for survival - drink mineralized alkaline water throughout the long, hot summer days.

When we’re caught up in the busy day-to-day, we often forget to drink water. For optimal health, it’s recommended to drink 2 litres or 8 eight ounce glasses of water per day.

Our tip: pack a water bottle for all your summer adventures. Add in a Recovery Stick water bottle filter to ensure you have clean, mineralized alkaline water wherever you go.

Why mineralized alkaline water? It helps your body maintain optimal pH balance and it’s infused with healthy minerals magnesium and calcium that help heart and bone health.

Also, it tastes great. With any of Santevia’s water filters, there’s no excuse not to stay hydrated and healthy this summer!

Meal Plan: stay on top of things with a weekly meal plan. With your schedule full of various obligations, it’s no doubt your summer weeks will be go-go-go.

With the kids out of school, there’s no denying that with summer comes a slight loss of routine.

Also with summer, comes all kinds of sport, social and family events. Without the usual schedule in place, It can be anxiety-inducing thinking and getting ready for it all. Hello, scatterbrain!

Our tip: write down your meal ideas each week, and hit the grocery store strategically to stock up. With a fridge full of healthy foods, it’s less likely you’ll be tempted to pop through a drive-through when you’re running short on time.

Even a quick, healthy homemade meal is better than the acid-forming fast food alternatives. Our alkaline foods list is a great resource if you need a starting point for your shopping list!

Now go ahead, start enjoying your summer! With these few tips top-of-mind, you’ll be feeling your best all summer long. 

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