11 Years of Mineralized Alkaline Water

In 2008, Santevia introduced the Countertop Gravity System into the Canadian marketplace.

With its ceramic pre-filter, highly effective 5-stage central filter, and the mineral rocks and ceramic mineral balls in the lower tank, it brought cost effective mineralized and alkaline water to health conscious families.

It was immediately and enthusiastically accepted by consumers, and within a year was sold in wellness stores throughout Canada.

In 2008, the system retailed for under $200 and sidelined a competing product, sold by a multi-level marketing company for $350.

Over the years Santevia has pushed to continually improve this product’s performance.

The ceramic pre-filter, which filters out sediment, rust and other large particles suspended in the source water, was originally dome shaped. When we observed that the shape diminished water flow as the water level in the upper tank lowered, we commissioned a flat ceramic pre-filter. This new pre-filter design effectively led the upper tank to be used to its full capacity, rather than be limited by the height of the dome filter. This flat design yields better water flow without compromising on filtration efficacy.

Using data from our in-house lab testing we improved the mineralization of the finished water and stabilized the sustainable pH shift to yield the alkalinity levels we desired. The result: smooth and fresh tasting mineralized alkaline water that helps restore pH balance in the body.

When customers mentioned tap problems we sourced a new, more efficient and longer lasting tap. Our favourite feature of the tap is its magnetically activated spout, which realigns water molecules for greater absorption, helping the body hydrate quicker.

Upon consumer demand for fluoride filtration, we sourced activated alumina as the media to effectively filter this contaminant. We partnered with a Canadian supplier and now include activated alumina in the central filter, allowing Santevia to offer up to 98% fluoride reduction.

Research and development is ongoing, and every product is tested extensively in the well-equipped Santevia lab. Product testing ensures each Santevia product delivers the best experience to all customers. We are committed to manufacturing quality goods, and of course, ensuring each of our customers enjoys clean, mineralized alkaline water that tastes great.

After eleven years and continual product improvements, the Countertop Gravity System offers premium and cost effective filtration at $199.99. 

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